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Water / Wastewater Services

Miller Brewing Wastewater System

Wastewater Treatment System

Integral provides economically practical systems and services for groundwater and wastewater treatment. We have extensive experience in design, installing, operating and maintaining these systems and can provide consultation and/or implementation across all of these service areas. We also have the resources to be able to meet your wastewater or groundwater treatment needs.

Based on our knowledge and experience, our team can design a water treatment solution for your application. Our systems and operations meet all standards and are optimized for your site and budget. We are experts in industrial groundwater and wastewater solutions across many applications including: petroleum, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other specific applications. You can feel confident in our experience and in our dedication to safety and code compliance.

Integral performs the services and establishes the systems below on time, on budget and safely for our clients. Inquire today about your groundwater or wastewater treatment needs.

Pre-treatment, Grit Removal, Flow Equalization, Fat and Grease Removal
Integral can construct wastewater systems with an extensive pre-treatment stage. Pre-treatment often leads to efficiencies gained in the following stages of wastewater treatment.

Primary Treatment
Pre-settling basins, Primary Sedimentation Tanks, Primary Clarifiers
Integral will design your wastewater treatment system to your application. In the primary treatment of wastewater, solids are removed and the remaining liquid is sent to the secondary stage of treatment.

Secondary Groundwater / Wastewater Treatment
Activated Sludge, Aerobic Granular Sludge, Surface-aerated Basins, Filter beds, Biological Filter beds, Biological Reactors, Membrane Bioreactors, Secondary Sedimentation
In the secondary treatment of wastewater, Integral pursues techniques to ready your site’s wastewater for the tertiary treatment. This often involves biological systems to treat the water.

Tertiary Treatment
Filtration, Lagooning, Nutrient Removal
In the tertiary treatment of wastewater, the water is prepared for introduction into the environment. Integral has experience in multiple tertiary treatment processes.

Arco WTS Treatment Manifold

Water Treatment System Treatment Manifold

Disinfection, Chlorination, Ultraviolet Light and Ozone Water Treatment
Disinfection is often the final stage of waste water treatment. The most common disinfection technique is chlorination, however, Integral has experience in UV water treatment systems and ozone treatment also.

Odor Control, Carbon reactors, Contact Media and Treatment Flairs
With wastewater treatment, odors are emitted resulting from some of the available treatment options. Odor can be controlled through contact media, carbon reactors, treatment flairs and other techniques.

Sludge Treatment, Anaerobic and Aerobic Digesters
Integral is also experienced in sludge treatment that comes as a result of the wastewater treatment process. The common processes used to treat sludge are through anaerobic or aerobic digesters.

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