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Solid Waste Services

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Integral Engineering Services Inc provides innovative and technologically advanced solid waste services and systems that meet regulations and improve efficiency. With all the varying types of solid waste across industries it is important to have a solid waste management system that is customized for your specific needs. Integral is knowledgeable across all of the types of solid waste and the newest technologies available. Contact us today with information about your project!

Integral will take a deep look at your specific waste needs and the compliance requirements of your specific sector in order to design, operate or maintain a solid waste system. Reducing the impact of your operations’ generation of waste can affect your business financially, aesthetically and environmentally. Get more information about our innovative solid waste solutions.

Integral performs the services and establishes the systems below on time, on budget and safely for our clients. Inquire today about how we can address your solid waste needs.

Collection System, Mechanical Waste Equipment Service
Making sure that your collection system is optimal for your application and that it is running at peak performance will improve efficiency. Rely on the experience of Integrated for your collection system needs.

Waste Handling, Separation, Storage and Waste Processing Equipment
Waste sorting separation and storage equipment allows your business to recover resources and save on solid waste related costs. Get more information about how Integral’s experience can assist in installation, operation or maintenance of waste processing equipment.

Generating energy from your solid waste is a process and related set of technologies that is developing quickly. From incineration to thermal and non-thermal technologies, Integral can assist in your business’ waste-to-energy efforts.

Leachate Water Treatment
Addressing leachate generation is an important part of solid waste management. Rely on Integral’s expertise in surface water and groundwater to address leachate water treatment.

Groundwater Monitoring
Integral has extensive experience in providing top of class groundwater monitoring services that are performed efficiently and effectively. Reduce threats to your site’s groundwater by engaging us for groundwater monitoring.

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