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Integral Engineering Services Inc provides top of class facility and plant maintenance services. With our knowledge of facility process, governmental regulations, energy efficiency and environmental analysis, we are uniquely qualified to provide facility maintenance services. Our experience will allow your company to extend the value and lifetime of your plant or facility while improving efficiency and fulfilling all operation requirements.

Integral provides a variety of facility services that are tailored to your specific building or network of facilities’ goals. We can provide top of class services while improving the efficiency of your maintenance spend and are dedicated to doing so safely and according to regulatory standards. Consider us for your facility maintenance or management needs.

Integral performs the services and establishes the systems below on time, on budget and safely for our clients. Inquire today about your facility or plant maintenance needs.

Building and Plant Lighting
Integral is well versed in building and facility lighting needs. Making sure to maintain your lighting environment can dramatically improve business operations. Contact us today to engage us on a building, plant or facility lighting program.

TRD Electrical System

Electrical System

Electrical Distribution Systems
Electrcial distribution systems have a major impact on your facility’s business operations. Consult us for information regarding our consultation, installation, operation and maintenance services for facility electrical distribution systems.

Utility Plant Operations and Maintenance
Our team of experts can provide solutions for utility plant operations and maintenance. Ensure your utility plants are operating effectively and efficiently with the help of our staff.

Industrial and Process Piping
Integral provides services related to industrial and process piping that will meet your operations’ needs. Services include system design, fabrication and more. Get more information about our industrial and process piping services today.

Maintaining HVAC systems is often critical for business operations. Integral has experience in industrial and manufacturing HVAC. Get more information about our services today.

Temperature and Process Controls
The advanced temperature and process controllers available today require specialized expertise and knowledge to run, maintain and adjust. Achieve your operations critical temperature and process controls with our help.

Operations and Maintenance
Integral has the expertise to assist with your facility’s operations and maintenance processes. Contact us with your needs and learn how we can assist.

Plumbing and Pump Systems
Industrial and manufacturer plumbing and pump systems have additional specialized requirements that Integral has deep knowledge about. Gain from our knowledge in your next installation, operation and maintenance project.

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