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Environmental Services

Unocal Soil Vapor Extraction and Water Treatment System

Soil Vapor Extraction and Water Treatment System

We are the leading provider of environmental services and specialize in environmental remediation services including remediation systems design, installation, operation and maintenance. We have experience across all of the phases of a project and will ensure that your environmental restoration project is completed on budget and up to the highest standards. Beyond remediation we also offer a broad portfolio of environmental services. Contact us about your project and gain from our experience.

When pursuing an environmental restoration project, it is important to complete the project effectively and efficiently from inception to completion. Any miscues can result in the project falling out of line in budget, time or both. Our team is experienced with all phases of these projects and can provide consultation to implementation for each step in the process. Our team can partner with your company and state agencies to enable a successful remediation project.

Let our team of experts assist, design and/or implement your environmental services or remediation program.

We have completed projects across these different areas of environmental services on time, on budget and safely.

Burbank Soil Vapor Extraction Manifold

Soil Vapor Extraction Manifold

Environment Remediation System Installation, Operations and Maintenance
Integral’s field ops team will expertly install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot environmental remediation systems. We are committed to 100% compliance with all requirements and zero injuries. Rely on our expertise to provide your site’s remediation services so you and your team can focus on your company’s core business operations.

Pilot Testing, Permitted Mobil Vapor Extraction
Integral specializes in designing and conducting cost-effective pilot testing. Based on test results, Integral has demonstrated substantial cost savings by designing optimum remediation systems such as the dual phase extraction technology instead of upgrading to a larger conventional ground water pump and treatment system in some heavily constrained sites.

Groundwater Treatment, Carbon and Media Treatment, Air Stripping, Air Sparge, Chemical Injection
Integral provides varied groundwater treatment services that are tailored to your site’s situation. Depending on the current status of the groundwater on your site, Integral will determine the most effective and efficient groundwater treatment option available.

Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling
Our team is dedicated to providing accurate and compliant groundwater monitoring and sampling for your site. We are dedicated to working safely and efficiently and will make sure to provide the lowest impact to your site’s business activities as possible.

Vapor Extraction, Thermal and Catalytic Oxidation, Carbon Absorption
Integral has extensive experience in the installation, operation & maintenance, upgrade and modification of soil vapor extraction remediation systems utilizing the latest in proven technology.

Ozone Treatment Systems
Integral is experienced in designing, installing, operating and maintaining ozone treatment systems. With options available for multiple industries, we can design an ozone treatment system customized to your site’s needs.

Bio Remediation and Bioventing
Biological remediation is an option for select remediation projects. Integral is well versed in all of the biological remediation technologies including: bioventing, biosparging, bioaugmentation and others.

Dual/Multi Phase Extraction
Dual and multi phase extraction has multiple applications across numerous industries. Integral can design and install a dual phase / multi phase extraction system to effectively address your site’s needs.

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